Have you ever thought about driving an electrical car such as Tesla Motors?

One very important factor is to know the average cost per mile before taking such a decision. The average residential cost for electricity varies somewhat throughout the states.

For a full detail report you can check the data if you click here. It reveals the average cost of residential energy in USA as of October 2011.

The study concludes that you would pay an Estimated Cost per Mile $0.03 driving the Tesla Model S depending where you live and your driving habits . This provides you an estimated cost per full charge and per mile based on the average in your state.

Comparing to an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) or gasoline-fueled car that offers 15mpg or one that offers 30mpg, you can see that the cost per mile is dramatically cheaper in the Model S.  Based on a price of $3.75 for gasoline, a 15 mpg vehicle will incur a cost of 25 cents per mile, while a 30mpg vehicle will incur a cost of 12 cents per mile.  So clearly, your electric billing rate determine what your potential savings may be.  This however, does not consider depreciation, maintenance, and repair costs.