Giant bird with a 17 foot wingspan fossil found

Giant Bird, Jagged Grin
Illustration courtesy Carlos Anzures

Boasting a 17-foot (5.2-meter) wingspan and sharp, spiny “pseudoteeth,” this ancient seabird is one of the largest flying birds known.

Soaring above the oceans and mountains of what’s now Chile between five and ten million years ago, the newly discovered species, named Pelagornis chilensis, was part of a prehistoric group known as the bony-toothed birds. The […]

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Global warming causes climate changes

The warming doesn’t mean that every place will suddenly become like Miami. Some areas, like the interior of the United States, are likely to grow hotter and drier. Others, like China, Southeast Asia, and the western U.S., may get more precipitation but less snowfall, jeopardizing the drinking water of people in cities like Los Angeles. […]

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