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Pedal Power

Pedal power is the transfer of energy from a human source through the use of a foot pedal and crank system. This technology is most commonly used for transportation and has been used to propel bicycles for over a hundred years.

Less commonly pedal power is used to power agricultural and hand tools and even to […]

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Tokai Challenger

An innovative solar project by the Japanese Tokai University in collaboration with Japanese automative industry. The Tokai Challenger has participated in races for solar cars successfully across Australia and won in 2009 and 2011 the World Solar Challenge. The Tokai Challenger covered the 2998 km off in 29 hours 49 minutes and it took an average speed […]

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Estimated Cost per Mile Driving Tesla

Have you ever thought about driving an electrical car such as Tesla Motors?

One very important factor is to know the average cost per mile before taking such a decision. The average residential cost for electricity varies somewhat throughout the states.

For a full detail report you can check the data if you click here. It reveals the average […]

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Giant bird with a 17 foot wingspan fossil found

Giant Bird, Jagged Grin
Illustration courtesy Carlos Anzures

Boasting a 17-foot (5.2-meter) wingspan and sharp, spiny “pseudoteeth,” this ancient seabird is one of the largest flying birds known.

Soaring above the oceans and mountains of what’s now Chile between five and ten million years ago, the newly discovered species, named Pelagornis chilensis, was part of a prehistoric group known as the bony-toothed birds. The […]

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Global warming causes climate changes

The warming doesn’t mean that every place will suddenly become like Miami. Some areas, like the interior of the United States, are likely to grow hotter and drier. Others, like China, Southeast Asia, and the western U.S., may get more precipitation but less snowfall, jeopardizing the drinking water of people in cities like Los Angeles. […]

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Rafting, mounting biking, kayaking, trekking, rock climbing with eco-tourism specialists in Laos.

Green Discovery Laos is Laos’ pioneer in Adventure Travel and Ecotourism since 2000. They offer more than 100 unique tour programs all around the country, involving rafting, kayaking, trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, cycling, caving and river trips. They can also organize guided motorcycle […]

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